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Cozy Homemaker | 8 oz Candle

Cozy Homemaker | 8 oz Candle

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The Cozy Homemaker Candle is made from 100% COCONUT-SOY WAX.
There are no color additives and the fragrances used to dress up this delicious blend are phthalate, paraben, and California Prop 65 free.

The fragrance notes in this Candle are Lavender, Cedar, and Eucalyptus

If you're a fan of Mahogany Teakwood, you will LOVE THIS.

It's a comforting, unisex, and soothing scent that is sure to make wherever you are, feel like home.

THIS is the scent we want our loved ones to be welcomed with when they come to visit.

This candle features a crackling wooden wick that compliments your ambiance. 
This candle will burn for approximately 40 hours. 

This scent Is very popular, making it one of the firsts that our customers gravitate towards.

We recommend you burn this candle for no more than 4 hours at a time. Before every burn, trim off the excess burnt wood that was left after your previous light. 

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